March 13, 2014 Last Updated 3:22 pm

IDG adds iBeacon and Passbook technology to Macworld/iWorld shows

Partnership with Twocanoes Software and demonstrates new Apple Technology to be used for check-in and scavenger hunt

Press Release:

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – March 13, 2014 — IDG World Expo today announced its unique integration of Apple’s iBeacon and Passbook technologies into the upcoming Macworld/iWorld 2014 event from March 27-29, 2014, at Moscone Center North in San Francisco. iBeacon and Passbook are two of most cutting-edge mobile innovations in the Apple ecosystem, and Macworld/iWorld is at the forefront of events using these technologies to enhance attendees’ onsite experiences. Powered by Twocanoes Software and, attendees will experience a streamlined check-in at the event using existing Passbook technology already on their phones – no additional app downloads, upgrades or complicated instructions needed. Additionally, this technology will be showcased through the first-ever Macworld/iWorld iBeacon Scavenger Hunt, with prizes for all participants.

iBeacon-featureThe use of iBeacon technology, which is native to iPhone 4S (or any later models) running iOS 7, empowers attendees to quickly and effortlessly check-in at Macworld/iWorld 2014. Instead of using traditional GPS or WiFi technology, which is less accurate indoors, iBeacon uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology, which also benefits users by not draining device batteries. Macworld/iWorld 2014 is able to feature this new technology through partnerships with Twocanoes Software, a creator of groundbreaking Mac, iOS and Beacon hardware, software and apps, and, a developer of beautiful Passbook and iBeacon user experiences. As attendees enter Moscone North, they will receive an alert via the Passbook app that will display a barcode for express check-in. Bleu Station, a Twocanoes Software device with iBeacon technology, enables passes to be shown automatically on the lock screen of the registered users’ iPhone.

“We are always excited when we get a chance to provide Macworld/iWorld attendees the opportunity to interact with the latest Apple technology at our event,” said Paul Kent, general manager of Macworld/iWorld. “Partnering with Twocanoes Software and to utilize iBeacon technology and the Passbook App enhances the attendee event experience and is a great example of the innovation we showcase at Macworld/iWorld.”

In addition, Macworld/iWorld, together with Macworld Magazine, will be hosting the first official iBeacon Scavenger Hunt using Passbook. To create the iBeacon Scavenger Hunt, Macworld/iWorld enlisted Twocanoes Software and Tom Benson of to develop the technology. Twocanoes Software provided the beacon-enabled platform for the scavenger hunt and worked with to create a great user experience with Passbook passes for the game.

The theme for the interactive scavenger hunt is “30 Years of the Mac,” and through a series of clues found on posters throughout the Expo Hall, participants must find and scan four specific 2d barcodes. When an attendee downloads a beacon-enabled pass and is in range of a Bleu Station iBeacon, a hint will be presented to find the next beacon-enabled pass. Participants who collect all four beacon-enabled passes will receive a three-month free subscription to Macworld Magazine and will be entered into a drawing for a MacMania cruise to the British Isles.

“iBeacon technology solves a lot of the indoor navigation challenges that other solutions cannot,” said Timothy Perfitt, founder, Twocanoes Software, who together with Tom Benson of developed the technology behind this functionality. “Macworld/iWorld’s use of our technology is a great example of how to streamline processes while providing a fun, unique and interactive experience for attendees. These uses just scratch the surface of possibilities of iBeacon technology and we look forward to working with Macworld/iWorld to interweave more of this technology throughout future events.”

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