March 12, 2014 Last Updated 4:23 pm

New business tablet editions: CMO from Adobe; DesignSpark Magazine; and ANU Reporter

Three new digital magazine editions have made their entry into the Apple Newsstand over the past week or so, and all are using the Adobe DPS to build their digital editions, though each is quite different from the other.

CMO-Adobe-articleCMO Magazine is from Adobe itself, and though it might expect that Adobe might take the opportunity to make it a bit of a tour-de-force. But instead the digital edition is quite a simple and elegant affair.

The app contains both the January and February issues inside, each free to download. The layouts are in both portrait and landscape. What looks pretty simply, though, can be quite interestedly complicated. For instance, slide show feature, 9 New Chiefs Head To The C-Suite, should be seen by designers working with Adobe DPS for inspiration.

Despite coming from Adobe, though, CMO Magazine proved the most buggy. The February issue download paused on its own and only delivered error messages when attempts were made to restart it. A message asks me to shut down the app in order to get the download going again, but that proved to not work. Ultimately I gave up and downloaded the January issue.

The other interesting thing is that the app description is rather inadequate. Also, rather than using an issue cover for the icon, a rather plain icon was used – maybe to be orientation neutral (it is square).

DesignSpark-iPadDesignSpark comes from RS Components and uses the Adobe DPS to create what should probably be called an enhanced replica edition. Most enhanced replica editions are PDF that layer on top links and possible embedded video. That is almost what we have hear, but there are enough differences that one knows that this digital edition was not produced with a PDF based platform.

For one thing, the articles, while still seen as in print, scroll within the article, then swipe to advance to the next. Also, the enhanced features feel a little more seamless.

This digital edition is also free and is worth examining, especially if a move from a replica edition is being considered.

ANU-iPadThe third app comes from The Australian National University, and in many ways is the most unique. ANU Reporter takes more chances with its layouts and adds in more native tablet features such as sound files.

The layouts are fairly simple, and navigation is typical (scroll within stories, swipe to advance to the next), but there is more variety in the design here.

This quarterly publication is also free, so those looking for inspiration have plenty to see. And all three apps were placed inside the Professional & Trade category inside the Apple Newsstand, but in different categories outside the Newsstand: ANU Reporter is inside Education, while both DesignSpark and CMO Magazine can be found under Business inside the App Store. (If confused, a publisher can place a magazine in a category in the Newsstand, but can select an App Store category than may be different.)

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