March 7, 2014 Last Updated 10:45 am

The New York Times updates iPad app, now push notifications point directly to the story

The New York Times this morning updated its NYTimes for iPad app. The update is along similar lines to the update recently issued for the newspaper’s iPhone app.

NYT-iPad-update20140307The update fixes a rather annoying feature of the newspaper’s push notifications: that they haven’t, until now, led the reader to the story the notification is alerting them to. This is now fixed.

The NYT probably does the best job of using push notifications by not over using them, and keeping them to what it thinks are major stories. More customization of the notifications probably would be a good thing, but at least the NYT can’t be accused of annoying its readers to death with notifications (sadly, the same can not be said of USA Today, an app I deleted because of its annoying use of push notifications).

The ‘what’s new’ information:

What’s New in Version 3.0.8
• Breaking News notifications now link to developing stories.
• Fixes a bug that causes the captions on photos and slide shows to be cut off.
• Fixes a number of crashes.