March 5, 2014 Last Updated 10:26 am

Newsweek, returning to print this week, has a new paywall, as well

The just-resurrected weekly magazine Newsweek will now be metering its website traffic through a deal with Piano Media, the Bratislava company announced today.

International Business Times (IBT), which acquired the rights to publish Newsweek, said that they will be bringing the news magazine back to print starting this Friday – with a modest print run of only 70,000 copies, and at a rather high cover price of $7.99. The magazine will then be available online at a lower price point.

Newsweek-2-28-cover“You would pay only if you don’t want to read anything on a backlit screen,” Etienne Uzac, CEO of IBT Media, told the NYT earlier this week. “It is a luxury product.”

Now we know how Newsweek will launch its metered website, using Piano Lite, a solution that will prevent readers from skirting the paywall once they have reached their article limit.

“Even if users delete cookies or surf in private mode, the articles they read will still be counted against the monthly meter limit, while a unified login provides seamless access across platforms,” Uzac said.

“Becoming the digital and print subscription software provider for Newsweek in the U.S. is a big win for us,” said Peter Richards, Piano’s International Operations Director. “We are excited to have our first customer outside Europe and we expect that both parties will learn significantly from each other.”