Big week for DISH Network: Signs big Disney pact, wins spectrum, launches app for Kindle Fire HDX

This week DISH Network has been pretty busy, to say the least. After all that has been announced before today, today’s news that the satellite service has launched a new app for Kindle Fire HDX tablets seems pretty minor.

Earlier this week the news hit that DISH had won all the wireless Internet licenses auctioned off by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in an effort by the FCC to to fund a nationwide wireless communications network for emergency responders. The auction involved broadband frequencies in 176 U.S. markets at an investment by DISH of $1.264 billion. The auction of the H Block licenses involved 23 bidders, but as there was only one winner, DISH now becomes the larger owner of wireless spectrum in the country.


Also on Monday Walt Disney Co. and DISH Network announced that they had reached a new distribution deal. In the pact, DISH secured Internet streaming rights for ESPN, ESPN2, ABC Family and the Disney Channel, as well as the eight ABC television stations that are owned by Disney. Using that television content, DISH said it plans to build a new Internet streaming service.

“We all know video consumption patterns are changing. Some homes are less interested in traditional pay-TV, and we think the opportunity is on the wireless side,” Dave Shull, Dish’s executive vice president told the L.A. Times.

In exchange for the streaming rights, Disney got DISH to disable its ad-skipping feature, Auto-Hop, for ABC Network programming. The ad-skipping service would be disabled for the first three days following a program’s original broadcast date. “We wanted to make sure we helped them with their advertising business,” Shull said.

Today DIH Network announced that it had launched a new DISH Anywhere app for the Kindle Fire HDX. The app is already available for both iOS and Android. The app lets you watch programming available through the DISH system at any time, in any location.

“By offering DISH Anywhere to this new group of tablet owners, we continue to show that we are dedicated to the expanding mobile market by allowing our customers to watch everything, anywhere no matter what mobile device they are using,” said Jimshade Chaudhari, Director of Product Management at DISH.

One thing Kindle owners are discovering about the app, however, is that it is not compatible with all Kindles, which is why the company’s announcement clearly states “Kindle Fire HDX.”

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