March 4, 2014 Last Updated 10:55 am

TNM’s new Wednesday Tech column

Starting tomorrow today, Wednesday, Talking New Media will feature a new column. The goal of the column is to provide technical information, demonstrations, news or opinion on technical subjects that should be of interest to digital publishing professionals. To accomplish this, TNM is asking the companies that serve the industry to contribute the columns themselves.

TNM publishes a large amount of material from companies in the digital publishing industry, but most appear under the Digital Media Industry News banner and often they are unedited press releases. These stories are posted, unaltered, because a judgement was made that industry professionals will find them informative. No effort is made to rewrite the press releases simply because I happen to think that is one of the silliest things B2B media magazines and websites do – there are better things to do with our time than to rewrite a press release so as to pretend it is an original article.

But readers need more than prepackaged news from their vendors. They need real, specific news and opinion. Editors and writers can attempt to deliver this, as TNM tries to do, but only the companies themselves know their products and the industry as well as they do.

That is why TNM is going to try a bit of an experiment: every Wednesday this website will run a column from a company in the digital publishing industry that talks about something technical, something that we hope you don’t know, would like to know, or need to know.

Originally I intended to ask a large number of companies to participate in hopes that a half dozen might say “yes” – but the response was overwhelmingly positive and so TNM already has columns scheduled through the end of April. Each company knows that their column should be informative without being promotional, technical rather than superficial, written for you, the digital publishing professional.

I think we can make this work. At least the very least we are going to try. It is important that any website, magazine or other publication designed for publishing professionals have editorial standards as high as the publications created by its readers. We don’t need more puff pieces about publishing executives or tech companies, we need good, solid, and hopefully, entertaining material.

Tomorrow, Mike Haney, the Chief Creative Officer at Mag+, will be writing about reinventing the subscription. Haney was Executive Editor at Bonnier’s Popular Science and continues to be a gifted writer and editor. Representatives from other companies involved with digital publishing will follow in the Wednesday’s to come – some will talk about their digital publishing platforms, others will discuss marketing or other topics.

I sincerely hope this little experiment is quality B2B publishing will succeed. But you will be the final judge, so let us know what you think. Likely some columns will be completely irrelevant to you – after all, topics will include newspaper, magazine and book publishing – chances are you are involved in every segment of our industry and so a column on something specific might be a complete miss. The goal, though, is for every column to contain something new, or thought provoking, or contrarian, so if even only one reader comes away from the column saying “interesting” or “I didn’t know that” then it will have succeeded.

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