March 3, 2014 Last Updated 2:04 pm

Quark releases QuarkXpress 10.1, list of new features include 8000% zoom, dynamic guide

The new update adds HTML5 animation capabilities to App Studio layouts

The new version of QuarkXpress has been released by the Denver software company, and it features what the company calls “best-in-class” zoom capabilities (see gallery below).

The update to QuarkXpress 10.1 is available as a free download to all owners of version 10.

quarkLogo-sm Here is a list of the new features contained in 10.1:

  • 8000% Zoom: QuarkXpress 10.1 now offers zooming options up to 8000 percent so that designers can, well, really see what they are doing
  • Dynamic Guides: “Dynamic guides automatically appear when items that are created, moved or resized align with other items on the page,” Quarks announcement states. “Dynamic guides also show when items have the same width and height as other elements on the page or when several items have the same distance to other items to help evenly distribute elements.”
  • HTML5 Animations: Quark users can now create HTML5 animations that slide-in from tens ice, fade or grow elements. The animations can then be used inside App Studio when create new media apps.
  • Books and Collaboration: The rebuilt book feature can sync indexes, the table of contents or other design elements.
  • Export as Image: Boxes, partial or whole pages can be exported as a PNG of JPG.
  • Custom Color Schemes: this Mac-only feature allows you to create your own interface color settings inside preferences.
  • QR Code Enhancements: The newest version of QuarkXpress allow the designer to change URL and other content on existing QR codes and create pixel or vector-based codes.

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