March 3, 2014 Last Updated 11:07 am

Boston Globe Media Partners launches new, stand-alone site for BetaBoston

The Boston Globe today launched a new, stand-alone site for BetaBoston, its news site for technology start-ups in the Boston community. The new site at is an offshoot of a subdomain, that was originally launched in 2011. (That old site still exists and still has the TalkingNewMedia story featured on its home page.)

BetaBoston-flag“Boston’s wealth of consumer technology, life sciences and biosciences companies is reshaping the economy and culture, locally and globally,” said Brian McGrory, Boston Globe editor. “We will cover, in-depth, not only the technologies themselves, but the broader social impact of those technologies.”

The effort takes a different, and in my opinion, a better approach to covering tech by launching a separate site, one that can be branded separately, as well. Most newspaper companies have taken the approach that any new feature should serve the name newspaper brand, and that launching a new site may take traffic and emphasis away from the mothership. This approach appears to reflect a more modern, entrepreneurial approach to digital publishing than what we have seen from even companies that attempt to claim they are digital first.

It’s a standalone, branded site that embraces a specialized but very significant community in Boston. BetaBoston’s focus will be on companies and people that change the game in their industry, whether they’re three-person startups or multinationals,” BetaBoston editor Michael Morisy said in the publihr’s announcement.

The Globe has hired two new staffers for the site, senior writers Kyle Alspach and Dennis Keohane, and will utilize the work from current Globe writers such as Innovation Economy columnist Scott Kirsner and Globe business reporter Callum Borchers.

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