February 27, 2014 Last Updated 4:40 pm

MIT Technology Review names Erik Pelletier Chief Digital Officer

The MIT Technology Review has named a new Chief Digital Officer: Erik Pelletier, formerly of the digital marketing agency Almighty. Pelletier will lead the independent media company’s publishing, event, community, and e-commerce products and platforms, and oversee the product development team’s digital products projects.

MITTR-cover-sm“I’m excited to welcome Erik to MIT Technology Review,” said Jason Pontin, publisher and editor in chief of MIT Technology Review. “His strategic abilities and technical skills will make possible the next, more purely digital evolution of MIT’s 115-year-old technology publication. Erik will build more mobile-friendly sites; create pages that allow us to express the full range of our journalism in more interactive forms; and show the world how smart advertising can engage readers.”

What Pelletier won’t be doing is working on apps. MIT Technology Review is fairly famous (infamous, really) for their pronouncement in 2012 that apps were a dead end – a conclusion their editor reached after launching one in January 2011 and finding it unsuccessful. They then attempted to speak for all publishers by saying that publishers “don’t like apps.” The publisher, it turned out, had spent $124,000 in “outsourced software development” and ending up selling only 353 subscriptions, according to Pontin.

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