February 26, 2014 Last Updated 1:01 pm

Outskirts Press capitalizes on the self-publishing trend with iPad edition eBooks

The Denver-based book publishing company Outskirts Press has announced a new eBook publishing solution for self-publishers that want to offer books through the Apple iBooks Store. Called the Standard Apple iPad Edition, the solution is one of many the company offer self-publishers for both print and digital books.

443The new scheme is simple enough: for a set price of $299, Ouskirts Press will handle submitting your book to Apple and then will price it at $9.99. The author gets $4.00 in royalties for every sale. Of course, that means that Outskirts Press gets the remaining amount, minus Apple’s 30 percent. If you want to price your book yourself, or deal with Apple yourself, then the cost is $599. What Outskirts Press does for the $599 fee is simply handle the digital file. (The company also has a package that will get your eBook into Amazon, B&N, well as Apple – that one costs $829.)

It would seem a bit easier to simply download a copy of iBooks Author for free and submit the book yourself. There are a few hurdles to overcome to set up a paid books account, but Apple will walk you through them if asked.

Outskirts Press also offers print book packages that range from $199 per book to $1099. They are one of an increasing number of firms out there trying to capitalize on the self-publishing market.

But digital publishing is a bit different in that both Apple and Amazon have set up their own systems (and, of course, Amazon has CreateSpace for the print book market). What authors, and publishers for that matter, need is publicity, and for that you’re still better off working with an agent or an established publishing company.