February 26, 2014 Last Updated 3:24 pm

Navel gazing: IE and Firefox keep losing ground in browser wars, tablet browsers slowly gain

Every once in a while it is fun to take a look at the audience numbers here at TNM to see if there is any useful information to be gleamed. From TNM’s launch in January 2010 to last summer, overall audience grew rather steadily, though slowly – so it when comparing the market share of browsers one could see fairly dramatic changes.

Browser-MS-chartIn July of last year TNM left the Blogger platform and became a self-hosted WordPress site. But despite a 200+% gain in overall readership, the change in browser market share has been less dramatic over the past year. One trend is clear, though: it is increasingly a two browser world on desktops, with Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari dominating traffic here. Both Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer have decreased in share over the past year. The drop in share for Firefox is the most dramatic.

Meanwhile, tablet browser share increases, but less so than I would have expected. At first you might think that is odd. After all, TNM covers the tablet platform extensively. But as a B2B website, most of the traffic here is during working hours, the time readers are most likely on their desktops and laptops, rather than a tablet.

Nonetheless, all three major tab browsers – Safari, Android and Amazon Silk – reported gains in share in the last year. As more readers start to use tablets as their main computing device we can expect to see this trend accelerate.

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