February 25, 2014 Last Updated 9:52 am

PressPad adds ‘Growth Tips’ to platform Dashboard

The digital publishing platform company PressPad said today that they had added a new feature to their Dashboard, designed to help publishers market their apps. “Growth Tips” are designed to give publishers ideas as to how they can maximize their app downloads and subscription sales.

PressPad-Notification“We have decided to educate publishers, pushing them slightly to take action and be proactive in terms of online promotion and sales,” Wojciech Szywalski told TNM today. “To do this we provide a list of actionable to-dos, displayed in the PressPad panel.”

When the publisher or designer enters the PressPad Dashboard they are notified if there is a new marketing tip available, signified by a red circle with the number of notifications. Clicking the notification they are taken to the Tips page where they can find marketing suggestions or step-by-step instructions as to what to do.

“The goal is clear,” Szywalski said, “help publishers sell more subscriptions and make magazine apps even more discoverable.”

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