February 25, 2014 Last Updated 4:14 pm

Onswipe launches its own online publication to promote solution

The Don Quixote of publishing platforms, Onswipe, keeps swinging its sword at apps. Its latest swipe is a new online publication called Sage. In addition to the website, Sage also comes as an email newsletter to customers registered at Onswipe.

Sage-iPad-miniThe new digital publication is the product of Jason Baptiste who has stepped away from the CEO role to become the company’s CMO. Baptiste curates articles from the web, provides commentary, research and other insights.

The message from Onswipe has been consistent: apps are not where it is at, its the web. That point of view has a lot of adherents, and I am very sympathetic, especially when considering the issues app developers face each day concerning discoverability and monetizing their apps.

But many of those issues face web publishers, as well. And who said it was either/or? Nonetheless, creating your own marketing tool, using your own platform makes a ton of sense.

You can sign up to receive the email newsletter at the sage.onswipe.com online site.

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