February 25, 2014 Last Updated 12:45 pm

CNN updates its separate iPhone and iPad apps to tweak features and fix bugs

The cable news network CNN, minus Piers Morgan now, has updated both its separate iPhone and iPad apps today.

CNN-iPad-updateCNN App for iPad has made it so that on stories with video the reader can now read the text below the story while still watching the video. (This was added to the iPhone edition, as well.)

The iPad app has also added a red “WatchCNN” button to the top which allows US viewers to stream live programming from CNN and HLN TV. Although the app description for the update does not mention it, the viewer will still have to log into their cable or satellite provider accounts to access the live streaming (as seen above-right).

CNN App for iPhone has made it so readers can now view fullscreen versions of images found in galleries, as well as fixed a bug involving captions on those same galleries.

Both apps also fix some bugs associated with the last update that came in December. Both that update and the previous one in September tried to make the app iOS 7 compliant, something developers continue to struggle with.

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