February 21, 2014 Last Updated 7:36 am

Media news round-up: Deal may bring early elections to Ukraine; Adobe and Facebook app updates

There appears to have been a breakthrough in the crisis in Ukraine. President Viktor F. Yanukovych announced that he would call early elections.

Ukraine-woman-lgYesterday afternoon the Ukrainian Parliament passed a resolution ordering the Interior Ministry troops to return to their barracks and prohibiting the use of live ammunition against the protestors. Combined with defections from the government, the moves isolated and weakened the position of President Yanukovych.

Reports state that 70 people, mostly protestors but also a few police, were killed in violence yesterday. Videos showed police snipers randomly shooting and killing demonstrators.

Newspapers such as The Guardian and The New York Times have been running live blogs covering the events in Ukraine.

The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, yesterday threatened to expel the new network CNN from the country following protests that have killed five. State media’s lack of coverage of the protests have forced many citizens to turn to CNN Espanol, Reuters claimed.

While the government blames the opposition for the violence, CNN is reporting that the security forces are responsible for the deaths.

Media app updates: a small group of mostly bug fix app updates were issued yesterday.

APE-app-iconAdobe issued an update to its Adobe Photoshop Express app for iOS. The update, in addition to fixing bugs, is a security fix to the app, and may require users o sign back into the accounts.

Facebook updated both its main app, simply called Facebook, as well as its Facebook Messenger app for bug fixes. Both apps may be of secondary importance to the company going forward as Facebook launched a new app called Paper – stories from Facebook which many may use as their primary Facebook app. Also, earlier this week Facebook announced the acquisition of WhatsApp, the popular messenger, which will likely become the app Facebook wishes to promote.

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