February 19, 2014 Last Updated 7:46 am

Apple makes changes to iTunesConnect website, adds interactive features to better analyze sales data

The iTunesConnect website has been redesigned, delivering a small jolt to developers tracking their sales. The site design changes come after Apple launched version 2.9 of the Application Loader. (Application Loader is part of Xcode, but can also be downloaded separately from the Manage Your App tab inside iTunesConnect.)

iTunesConnect-logoThe former default view was a bar graphs for sales, now it is a line graph which can be changed back. Sales can be viewed within selected time periods and can be groups by data such as sales territory (countries). Developers can also filter the data by app name or transaction type, and view an estimate of sales revenue, shown in U.S. dollars.

The new design launched earlier this week and the site caused me problems with tracking sales. TNM has two accounts: a paid books account, and a paid app account. Logging into the books account I checked sales on Talking Digital. Then I logged out and then logged back in to the app account. All looked fine until I tried to track the sales on the Tablet Publishing app. What I saw was the book account. I logged back out, then back in and saw the same wrong data. In the end, I think this was a problem with my Safari browser, but this has never happened before the most recent change.

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