February 18, 2014 Last Updated 4:24 pm

The Independent updates its Digital Edition, says version 3.0 is a complete rebuild

The UK newspaper The Independent today had its update for its digital edition released by the Apple app review team, and it may have caught the paper by surprise. The update for The Independent Digital Edition is said to be a complete rebuild, and brings the app up to version 3.0.
The app combines an interactive edition which is built off the newspaper’s website, with a replica edition of the newspaper.

The Independent is one of the youngest of the UK’s newspapers, being founded in 1986. It ran into financial trouble in recent years and was sold to Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev in 2010.

The front of the new app, with its two stories about Earth-destroying astroids and the latest sensational murder, will probably be enough to send most readers unfamiliar with the newspaper to find the delete button in iTunes. That’s too bad because the app is pretty interesting.

The app contains a lot of content. In addition to the replica of the newspaper, there is also PDFs of its supplements, Traveller, Radar, The Independent Magazine and The New Review.

The-Indy-iPad-MillBut the app is buggy. It crashed when I attempted to access the supplements. This is either because of a bug in the app, or because the paper was caught unprepared by the release of the update and the app crashes when it can not access the content. In either case, it crashes consistently.

The app lets new readers get a taste of the stories you’ll find – definitely an acquired taste, I might add. The app puts readers on a strict limit and reminds them of the number of articles they have accessed. But registering with the paper will keep the part of the app that is mirroring the paper’s website open. But the reader will have to pony up if they want to access the replica of the print newspaper: £2.99 for a one week subscription, £12.99 per month, or £159.99 for an annual subscription.