February 17, 2014 Last Updated 11:52 am

La Presse updates Newsstand app, adds hockey content, continues to grow install base

The French-Canadian newspaper, La Presse, today released an update to its free Newsstand app, La Presse+.

The app update adds live hockey scores, as well as weather, to its live news section. The app description also says that it fixes an issue with the amount of disk space used by the app and its issues.

LaPresse-iPad-lg2The La Presse iPad app blends the experience of print with that of the web into a native tablet newspaper, making it a bit unique.

Most newspapers who have created a native app have opted to use their iPad editions more as a reformatted version of their websites. Those who want something closer to print have opted for either replica editions, or replica editions that then will reformat the story for the tablet when the reader taps on a headline.

The app for La Presse goes a little further by having its issues ready for download first thing in the morning, yet also providing live, updated news. It also follows the web model by making all its content free of charge.

As a result, despite having a limited market (French reading Canadians) it has managed to attract 400,000 app installations since its launch last April, 60,000 since December 1.

The app generated a lot of attention released because the paper said it cost the paper $40 million, though some of that was really research costs. Nonetheless, the amount was jaw dropping. All the more so when one first realized that the app that came out of the paper was not an attempt to drive new paid digital subscriptions. This is an app that is using an ad model. (Read more in this post on the app on this Montréal media website.)

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