February 14, 2014 Last Updated 11:51 am

Valentine’s Day present for House of Card viewers as Netflix releases second season

Too bad the big snow storm that hit the east coast didn’t hit today, rather than yesterday. All those who stayed home from work had to look to do something. It would have been nice to have the second season of House of Cards, the original series from Netflix, available for viewing. There was even an online petition begging the streaming service to release the TV series early. No such luck.

HOC-700-promoInstead, Netflix released House of Cards, season two, today for Valentine’s Day. They didn’t wait too long into the day, however, releasing the series just after the stroke of midnight on the west coast.

Maybe this is the perfect gift for the single person who might otherwise sit at home depressed – hope that’s not you.

Netflix, like Pandora and other services, is in a good position to promote its products and services. Pandora sent out emails ahead of an app update informing users that the new app would have push notifications and they shouldn’t automatically push “no” as they might come in handy. netflix, too, has email addresses and so pushed out a promotion today for the second season of its show to viewers.

If you haven’t see the new season’s promo, here you go:

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