February 12, 2014 Last Updated 12:50 pm

New data from Good Technology and Chitika Insights find Apple’s iOS continuing to dominate

Two studies look at enterprise app activations and web traffic ad impressions by hour

Two new reports were issued today that look at the use of mobile devices – one in the enterprise environment, the other through web usage.

The Good Technology Mobility Index report looked enterprise application activations in Q4. The reports claims that the quarter was a good one for Apple.

Appactivations-Good-chart“From a device perspective, we continued to see an increase in iOS activations this quarter, which we can attribute to two new iPhone models coming to market just before the start of the quarter,” the report’s authors write.

According to Good Technology, the tablet segment is dominated by the iPad with 91.4 percent of activations.

“We are living in a transformative era for mobility where enterprises are implementing smarter apps, and developing custom apps, that are improving the way their employees engage with customers and collaborate with each other,” said Christy Wyatt, CEO and President, Good Technology.

The report is generated using Good’s internal data, compiled from devices activated across Good’s customer base in Q4 of 2013. Because the report uses only information from their own platform, it would not necessarily reflect the market as a whole.

Another report that also uses internal data from its network is from Chitika, the ad network. (Disclosure: TNM now has employed ads from the Chitika network, though TNM has not received any payment from Chitika as of yet.)

In the latest report from Chitika Insights looked at web traffic across its network by hour, trying to find any patterns that might differentiate one tablet from another.

“Microsoft has positioned its Surface tablets as devices more fit for work activities as compared to those from other manufacturers. The question remains though, are Surface tablets actually being used in work settings more so than iPads or other tablets?” the report asks.

Chitika-TabHours“Based on North American usage data, the answer is yes –Surface users generate a slightly greater share of their total Web traffic during working hours as compared to iPad or Android tablet users. However, in terms of raw traffic volume, iPad and Android tablet users lead the pack at all hours of the day, and usage patterns among all tablets remain relatively similar overall.”

The new report looks at data from January 20 to February 2, 2014, looking at approximately 300 million U.S. and Canadian ad impressions.

The Chitika reports have consistently shown that the iPad dominates its ad network when it comes to ad impressions. Although the report says that Microsoft’s tablet does seem to be used more at work than at leisure time, the data coming from the Surface tablets seems to be so small as to be statistically insignificant.

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