February 11, 2014 Last Updated 11:22 am

Moboom launches of Moboom3, a website development tool and content management system

Press Release:

San Francisco, Calif. – February 11, 2014 – According to a recent survey, there are more than 920 million* websites on the Internet—almost all are costly mistakes. More than 95% of these sites fail to follow Google’s recommendation to build and maintain one website that works across all devices, including desktop, tablets and smartphones. Moboom today announced the launch of Moboom3, a development tool and content management system that future proofs websites and brings together the very best of both responsive and adaptive design philosophies, all while allowing developers to build responsive websites 100 times faster than if they were to code them by hand.

Moboom-HomepageMoboom3 includes a range of features that helps website owners and developers quickly deliver smarter sites that perform well on any device, putting an end to the responsive vs. adaptive debate and proactively responding to the next frontier in web development.

Today, 77% of all mobile searches happen at home or work—even when a desktop or laptop is readily available. People prefer their handheld devices and need an optimized experience. Moboom’s v3 platform helps companies and developers build websites that work well on all devices—even those that haven’t been invented yet. Moboom websites smartly adapt to any device on the market without having to invest in a redesign, outperforming other responsive websites in various areas such as load time, user experience and search engine ranking.

“Google rewards responsive web design, yet developers have been reluctant to adopt its methodology because of some well-known flaws like slow load times and a one-size-fits-all user experience. Moboom fixes the flaws of responsive design,” said Gavin Burnett, Founder and CEO of Moboom. “People are demanding the ability to consume online content on a wider variety of mobile and smart devices, yet most platforms only offer bolt-on solutions to accommodate new device types. Moboom was founded for this very reason. Adaptability is in our DNA, and the newest version of our web design tool and CMS makes it easier for developers to build smarter, faster websites that respond to any device.”

Leading the conversation, Moboom will be hosting a conference on Wednesday, February 12 in San Francisco focused on Responsive Web Trends. Keynoting the event will be leading mobile strategist, Jason Grigsby, co-founder of CloudFour and author of Head First Mobile Web.

Features Include:

  • Patent-Pending Server-Side Media Queries: Moboom’s platform ensures faster and more adaptive website performance because all decisions are made server-side. This way, devices only get the content that’s intended for them and isn’t slowed down by elements that ultimately get hidden by the device browser.
  • Import Content from Anywhere: Moboom’s adaptive content management system allows users to import and sync content in any format. Once imported into the Moboom system, it can be managed directly from the Moboom CMS or from abroad.
  • Code In Any Language: Moboom allows developers to write widgets using any programming language from PHP to .NET and Python to Perl. Plus, because Moboom delivers widgets from their own servers, widgets written in different languages can run on the same page as one another.
  • Faster Responsive Sites: Moboom websites render differently than other sites on the web. Instead of rendering in a serial fashion, from the top of the webpage to the bottom, Moboom sites render synchronically, delivering websites to the user faster than any other platform out there.

  • John Murphy 4 years ago

    Maboom 3 seems to be a nice mobile website development tool indeed. I am sure web developers will read it and learn something new and exciting. But I put stress more on practical works than theories. What do you say?

  • Jennifer Prishtina 4 years ago

    Hi John— Our goal is to make building responsive websites fast and efficient for website designers and developers. Email me at jennifer@moboom.com if you’d like to give Moboom a spin! Happy to hook you up with some training and a free site.