February 11, 2014 Last Updated 3:43 pm

Google opens up streaming to Chromecast via SDK

This is actually a bit of old news: Google announced last week that it would open up its Chromecast to developers to include streaming from third party apps. Yesterday the Google Cast Software Development Kit was released to developers (here).

google-chromecast-feature1Incorporating the SDK into existing apps allows the app to interface with the Chromecast dongle, whether the app is Android or iOS (meaning iPhone owners could not use Chromecast the way they use an Apple TV.

Of course, this merely brings Chromecast up to the same capabilities as other devices. The thing many developers have been wondering is when Apple (or someone else) would open up their TV device to third party apps, along with a new app store. Rumors have long been that Apple was considering it, but that would all but end any leverage they would have to charge media companies to be pre-installed on an Apple TV. Then there is the issue of an App Store: the current App Store (and Newsstand) is a mess and getting worse each day, just how messy would a TV app store be?

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