Media app updates: Sporting News tries to work out bugs causing magazine app to crash

The word is that Apple will release an update to its mobile operating system in March – that would be version iOS 7.1. Normally that isn’t very important news, but developers have been struggling with iOS 7 ever since it was first released. Many have found that they have to release multiple updates in order to deal with bugs and other problems.

One media app that continues to struggle is Sporting News which issued an update this weekend to bring the app up to version 3.1.2. The publisher is trying to fix bugs that are causing the app to crash.

SN-cover-0214“STABILITY NOTE: We are fully aware of the current app stability issues. We are working as hard as we can to resolve these frustrating issues and pushing through updates as quickly as the App Store can approve them. Currently, most users should still be able to access the daily issue on iPad while the feed and iPhone are generally a problem. We are working around the clock to return your fully functional best-in-class app. THANK YOU for your patience, feedback, and continued support,” the app description reads.

NowThisNews, which is now working with NBC News, providing the broadcaster with short videos for their new website, also issued an update to deal with issues.

“We’ve worked to improve app load time and video load time, as well as improve content updating,” the app description says for the latest update.

The issues with NowThisNews appear less important as reader reviews have remains generally positive with only a few complaints.

NBCSportsLive-iconThe deal with NBC News gives the start-up company access to NBC’s archives, which NBC gains access to the video content created by NowThisNews.

Speaking of NBC: the NBC Sports Life Extra, which was updated just last week in preparation for the start of the Sochi Winter Olympics, has been updated again. Seems the development team failed to add in push notifications, a feature that would have seemed a rather obvious thing to have. They are there now, though.

Other media apps updated this weekend include Condé Nast’s app Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List, Martha Stewart Weddings MagazineModern Diplomacy, which appears under the PressPad developer account.