February 7, 2014 Last Updated 9:47 am

Pandora sends out email to users about upcoming app update

Music service to add push notifications, doesn’t want users to reflexively say ‘NO’

I don’t know if you are like me, but when I open a new app and it asks me if I want to receive push notifications I automatically, reflexively push no!. Sometimes I hate myself for doing that, maybe receiving a push notification from USA Today might be a good thing. (Then I experienced what Gannett considers good use of push notifications. Hey guys, I really don’t need to hear that the sun rose today!)

Pandora-pn-updateSo what if you come up with a good way to use push notifications and don’t want your users to automatically say no to them? Let them know in advance.

Pandora did just that this morning by sending out emails to listeners telling them that an app update is coming. Once the app is updated they will be given the push notification message – don’t just say “no” Pandora is saying.

Pandora will be using push notifications to inform app users that there has been new music added to their favorite stations, something many users will want.

It’s a simple, but brilliant strategy, one others may want to emulate.

For Pandora this is possible because they have those email addresses. Pandora gets them by having users match put their mobile app with desktop accounts so that users can use the service no matter whether they are on their computers, tablets or smartphones. Publishers, wanting to get reader information for the same reasons, have encouraged readers to complete survey forms, contest forms, e-newsletter forms – anything to get the same quality of information from their mobile and tablet customers as they have for their print customers.