February 5, 2014 Last Updated 9:09 am

NBC News launches new responsive website, redesigned mobile apps

Readers reaching the website for NBC News today will be greeted with an introductory page walking them through the newly redesigned website. The website features responsive design, as well as adopting a continuous scroll layout.

NBCNews-introUnveiled yesterday by Deborah Turness, President, NBC News, with Julian March, Senior Vice President of Editorial and Innovation and Gregory Gittrich, Vice President of News and Product to invited journalists, the website brings in many of the modern features seen on some tech sites, as well as the NYT. Readers will not be forced to go from page to page on long form features, but can scroll continuously through the story.

NBCNews-web-iPhone5-lgThe new website will feature much more video content, including animations and shorts created specifically for online viewing.

Gittrich said that the site will also integrate native advertising into both its content and menu navigation, as well as feature new ad units.

(Unfortunately, my voice recording of the website introduction failed, and so quotes from the introduction of the site were lost.)

NBC News’s chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel helped promote the new website, stating that he looked forward to beginning contributing to the site.

NBC News said that they have 32 million unique visitors, 11 million from mobile users. The website accommodates mobile with its responsive design, but NBC News Digital LLC last night also released a new version of its mobile apps for iPhone and iPad, and Google Play.

“We are also working on a number of new products for phones, tablets and other connected devices that we’re really excited about, but we don’t have anything to announce at this point,” Andrew Locke, VP of Mobile & Devices for NBC News told TNM today.

“While we do collaborate and share best practices with other divisions, NBC News manages its own app planning, design and development separately from the rest of NBCUniversal. Uniquely inside the company, we also staff our own iOS, Android and other app development teams, along with dedicated design and product management. At this point, every NBC News app available for download was developed in-house,” Locke said.

  • BertW 4 years ago

    Actually many readers were greeted with a blank page, as the new nbcnews.com layout does not load in FireFox for OS X. Using Safari however reveals the new layout, which going by the negative posts on the nbcnews Facebook page is shaping up to be a disaster of epic proportions.

  • JRS 4 years ago

    When I open any NBC news article, all I can see is a 4-inch blue header that takes up so much of the page it feels like claustraphobia, and then I feel the need to immediately close the page without reading the article; it’s just that invasive and I don’t like it at all. Nothing is cliakable to resize, nor do I have page options. So no more NBC for me. Why would NBC think the huge blue header is a good thing when it only monopolizes the entire page? Just awful for me, I cannot stand to see it. Just leave the page white.