February 5, 2014 Last Updated 2:51 pm

Campus Plus goes digital, launches interactive tablet mag into the Apple Newsstand

Magazine for Malaysian college students uses Adobe DPS to create digital-only edition

The magazine for Malaysian college students, Campus Plus, has gone digital with an interactive edition using the Adobe DPS.

CP-iPad-coverThere magazine released its Apple Newsstand app in January, and now has two issues available for free through the app’s store.

I downloaded the brand new February issue, and is common for interactive magazines that use Adobe DPS, the file size is pretty heft – 642 MB. But the issue contains a lot of content, including advertising, though it only uses the portrait orientation.

The layouts still mimic print somewhat, but the designers have used lots of interactive elements throughout the digital magazine.

The publisher, N2 Publishing Sdn Bhd – the developer account is shown as Campus Media Resources Sdn Bhd – called Camplus Plus a Campuszine. Like many magazine targeted at college students, this one has lots of advertisers who want to target the magazine’s audience.

CP-iPad-articleI’m a little confused as to whether the magazine has gone digital-only, or if this is only the digital version of the magazine. But the app description says that the magazine is distributed to “110 campuses nationwide” – so if that is still the case then there exists a print edition still. Whatever the case may be, the January issue inside the app is labeled as Issue #1.

Digital magazines are certainly heating up in Malaysia. Just recently one magazine publisher changed its name to Astro Digital Publications and said it would dedicate itself to digital formats.

“The world of publications is changing rapidly. Digital publications like ours will open up a new world of exciting possibilities for consumers and advertisers alike,” publisher Henry Tan said.

“We’re making a modest assumption that over 60% of Astro households own smartphones or tablets. Assuming that two individuals of each of these households read our magazines, we have the estimated collective readership of four million quality consumers, thus making Astro Digital Publications potentially the largest distributed digital platform in the country,” Tan said when making the announcement of the change.

  • Mac Sivanesan 4 years ago

    Thank you very much for this article. I’m the Publisher of Campus Plus Magazine.

    For your information, Campus Plus Magazine for Digital and Print is published by Campus Media Resources Sdn. Bhd. (the company). YES, we still do have the print version of the magazine that was started 7 yeras ago and we are still distributing them to 110 campuses around Malaysia.

    The January 2014 Digital version is our inaugral version for the Digital platform and that’s why it’s Issue 01. Other than the iOS version you can get the magazine also in the Google Play Store for the 7 & 10 inch Android tablets

    Thank you.

  • Mac Sivanesan 4 years ago

    Just to add, Campus Plus Magazine- Digital and Print is published by Campus Media Resources Sdn. Bhd. (Formerly known as N2 publishing).

    Thank you very much once again for your article. We appreciate any kind of review/feedback, as we are constantly trying to improve our magazines-digital and print. For further queries about Campus Plus Magazine please do not hesitate to contact me at mac@campusplus.com.my