February 4, 2014 Last Updated 9:38 am

NBC updates sports app in preparation for Winter Olympics, launches separate app

The Olympics are right around the corner – mid-day on Friday (US time), in fact. So media apps are being updated to add content and new categories for Olympic news. The most important of the apps, one would think, would be for the network broadcasting the games – that would be NBC.

screen480x480So last night NBC updated its NBC Sports Live Extra app. With version 3.0, NBC says that viewers can watch “more than 1,000 hours, including all 15 sports, and the awarding of all 98 medal events. Plus, watch exclusive event rewinds and short-form on-demand highlights.”

Of course, like most live streaming apps, the catch is that one needs to sign into a cable or satellite provider account before the content will become available. NBC is not yet at the stage where they will serve those who have cut their cable.

Meanwhile, NBC also launched a brand new app specifically dedicated to the Olympics. NBC Olympics Highlights and Results, as the name suggests, offers highlights rather than live broadcasts. One would guess that the reason for the new app would be that the Live app is somewhat limited by the need to log into a cable or satellite provider account.

Other media and sports apps have also been updated for the Sochi games, and you can read about those below:

From yesterday’s post:

The National Hockey League will shut down for two weeks starting on Sunday for the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Many NHL players will be heading off soon to join their national teams, so to keep the league top of mind, the NHL wants users of its digital apps to be able to track their favorite players throughout the Olympics.

NHL-iPhone5-lgBecause of this, NHL GameCenter has been updated for the Olympics (iOS app, Google Play app).

The app is a bit like MLB at Bat in that one can upgrade the app to Premium to get radio broadcasts of games, or to LIVE for TV broadcasts of out-of-market games.

ESPN, too, has issued an Olympics oriented app update. ESPN SportsCenter, an iPhone only app, has been updated to add a new category of content specifically for the Winter Olympics. The update also adds iOS 7 navigation swiping to allow for readers to “go back” to the previous story.

Just last week The New York Times issued updates to both its iPhone and iPad apps to add a new section for the Sochi games. The NYT apps also add in push notifications for the games, something neither the NHL or ESPN app descriptions mention.