February 4, 2014 Last Updated 8:58 am

Auto Trader renames Ignition, its digital-only car magazine, as Auto Trader Magazine UK

In the fall of 2012 Auto Trader (UK) launched a new digital magazine called Ignition. The new digital magazine (for both iPad and iPhone) used the digital publishing platform from Future plc, FutureFolio**, to build an interactive car magazine that could be promoted by the established AutoTrader brand – a brand extension, in other words.

AutoTrader-coverBut the publishing team must have decided that building a new brand, even one supported by an established title, can prove harder than simply using the existing one. So AutoTrader has updated its Ignition app and renamed it Auto Trader Magazine UK.

The magazine is still free – in fact, the existing app icon in iTunes splashes “Free to download” across its cover to make the point – but the app currently does not have any new issues inside it with the rebranded magazine (all the issues still say Ignition).

Discoverability is such a problem today inside Apple’s Newsstand that some publishers do not want to risk losing readers because of confusion with the name of their magazine. That may be why Auto Trader has made this move – and after 15 issues of publishing the digital magazine they probably decided to try something new to drive readership.

** For more information on FutureFolio, as well as 43 other digital publishing platforms, download the Tablet Publishing magazine app which contains a 135+ page Guide to Digital Publishing Platforms for Magazine Publishers inside.

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