February 3, 2014 Last Updated 8:02 am

Source Interlink said to have shuttered Modified magazine, instituted layoffs

Media are not the best at news… about themselves. That is probably why readers are today searching to find out if it is true that Source Interlink has decided to shutter Modified magazine, the magazine for custom tuned cars.

Modified-Magazine-coverNeither the corporate website, nor the magazine’s own site, mentions the fate of the magazine – though it should be said that the magazine’s own blog has not featured an entry since May of last year, and the entry before that was written in 2012.

It is the lack of a digital strategy that usually leaves the publisher no option but to shutter a title completely and layoff all the staff – there is simply no alternative to shuttering that has been created.

But rumors are that layoffs are not being limited to this one title as other editors tied to the International Automotive Group appear to be effected.

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