February 3, 2014 Last Updated 11:58 am

First Look: Paper – stories from Facebook

The new iPhone app from Facebook, Paper, has launched today, and the slowness of iTunes must reflect the large number of downloads the app is getting on its first day in the Apple App Store.

Paper-iPhone5-lgPaper – stories from Facebook is the first new product from Facebook’s Creative Labs, the new entity that has grown out of the Push Pop Press acquisition.

The tech sites will probably go crazy for the new app, and will provide quite enough information on it. But TNM will give the app its usual walk-through treatment so that you can see what to expect upon downloading and installing the app.

Paper’s set-up is very well conceived, and though the video below does not show all the interactive the app wants to have with you on installation, it gives you a good feeling for the approach Creative Labs took with the new app.

As I am not a big Facebook user, and the Talking New Media Facebook account is under used, there was not as much content instantly available to the app as would be the case with heavy Facebook users – but you’ll get the point, especially since there is an assistant to guide the way.

Most early reviews of the app are positive – and most point out that many Facebook users are going to want to substitute this new app for the existing Facebook mobile app. That the app did not launch for the iPad is interesting in that many have thought that Paper would be a kind of competitor to Flipboard.

But Paper is more attractive, and feels completely at home on the iPhone. It is possible that the app may not translate as well to larger screens, but we’ll see once Facebook launches versions for other platforms, something it has promised to do soon. For now, though, Facebook’s team can work out any issues with the app in its iPhone version, then proceed to adding new users.