January 30, 2014 Last Updated 12:49 pm

Golf magazine Swing Image launches beautiful interactive edition into the Apple Newsstand

The interactive magazine is seen by many publishers as simply more work, added cost, and more trouble than it is worth pursuing. But one can tell immediately when a publisher has embraced the platform enthusiastically, as the end product ends up reflecting that enthusiasm.

“We have been waiting seven years for this,” writes Sean Harrison, editor of Swing Image, which has just launched a new Newsstand app, designed using the Mag+ platform.

[edge_animation id=”19″]

“From now on all content, including – where to play and stay, interviews and golf swing analysis – can be interactive, customized and brought to you in digital form,” writes Harrison. “For swing analysis you can now scroll your finger back and forth across the screen and stop at any point in the swing motion.”

2014-01-30-12_30_34The app appears under the developer account name of Studio View Ltd., the design agency which was responsible for the design and publishing of the app. Studio View also is behind the two apps for 3D Printmag (one stand-alone, the newer on in the Newsstand).

The digital edition is designed for both the iPhone and iPad (seen here on the iPad). Because of this, only the portrait orientation is used. This works very well on the iPad because the basic story design involves the story scrolling up from the bottom of the first page (as seen in the instructions page in the HTML5 animation above).

This is a very attractive digital magazine. The subscription price is £9.99 ($13.99) for a year’s worth of issues (the magazine appears quarterly). But the first issue inside the app is free of charge to access. That first issue weighs in at 741 MB, which is pretty hefty. But there is a lot of content here, including very attractively produced advertising, so the reader will forgive surrendering some of their iPad storage of the magazine.

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