January 30, 2014 Last Updated 11:13 am

Scribd launches reader app for Kindle Fire, but launches it outside of the Amazon store

The digital library company Scribd has announced that it has launched a new reading app for the Kindle Fire. The app, though, is only available on the Scribd website.

Scribd-KindleFireScribd’s Jared Friedman told Juli Monroe of TeleRead that they had submitted the app to Amazon three months ago, but decided to launch the app themselves through their website.

Since the Kindle Fire is essentially an Android tablet, third party apps can be installed in this way. The only way one could install an app on an iPad, without going through Apple’s App Store, would be to target only jailbroken devices.

The app looks identical to the iOS and Google Play versions of the app. The app looks like a reader app only, but on the iPad version one can create an account right in the app – with Apple getting its cut of the fee, of course.

These kinds of apps enter dangerous territory when they try to get approved by the platform owner. Amazon’s own Kindle app for the iPad appeared in 2010 in time for the original launch of the tablet. But in 2011 Apple cracked down and forced Amazon to remove the link that provided the ability to buy books directly. Since that time the app has only been a reader app, as readers have to go directly to the Amazon.com website, outside the app, to buy their media – then have it sync with their iPad.

(Thanks to The Digital Reader for pointing out the original TeleRead story.)

Here is the app description of Scribd for Kindle Fire:


Scribd is your personal digital library, where you have unlimited access to the world’s largest collection of e-books and written works.

Our premium subscription service offers over 100,000 books from over 900 publishers, including New York Times bestsellers, literary classics, groundbreaking non-fiction, and reader favorites in every genre, for only $8.99/month. Try it now and get your first month free.

We also have millions of user-uploaded written works, from landmark court filings to academic papers from scholars around the world.

Features include:

  • Instant & unlimited access to 100,000+ books from 900+ publishers in every genre
  • Beautiful, customizable reading experience
  • Discover more with our editorial collections and personalized recommendations
  • No wait and no limits — read what you want, when you want
  • Sync with your other devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, or browser
  • Share your favorites and personal collections with friends