January 30, 2014 Last Updated 7:26 am

Facebook to introduce Paper iPhone app on Monday

The social media site Facebook launched a promotional campaign for its new iPhone app Paper which will launch on Monday, conducting interviews with many of the top tech sites. Facebook also launched a new site dedicated to the app to increase interest in anticipation of the app’s release.

Facebook-paper-screenThe new app owes a lot to Flipboard and is ad-free at launch. The first section of the app is the Facebook News Feed which users can customize by topic and themes using the content of well known media outlets.

Like other social media apps, the success of the app will not only depend on how users accept it, but how media companies decide to play along. Many are beginning to ask themselves “what’s in it for us” as revenue returns have not lived up to promises.

Nonetheless, if the app can be half as attractive as the video below shows it to be, many Facebook users will be leaving the main Facebook app for Paper.

It is interesting to note that the app will launch of the iPhone only at the beginning. This is either a reflection of a preference of the developers, or a deliberate strategy to work out any bugs at the beginning on just on platform. And it is, indeed, bugs that may be the key to the app’s success.

The app, which is the first to come out of Facebook Creative Labs, has a lot of interesting features that other developers may look at adopting: the ability to tilt your iPhone to explore panoramic pictures, fullscreen auto play videos, and an interface for customizing the app that would seem to make sense for news reader apps from newspapers and online news sites.