January 29, 2014 Last Updated 11:31 am

WoodWing study finding publishers committed to multiple delivery channels

The digital publishing solutions company WoodWing today released the results of 125 mostly newspaper and magazine publishers which asked them about publishing technology trends. The “Trends 2014” survey found that a majority of publishers are favor the combination of print, web, mobile, tablet and social media or “all” approach to their publishing brands.

But a large number of respondents, over 20 percent, are still following a print first formula. (PDF of study here)

Respondents were weighted heavily in Europe (54%) while only 38% came from the Americas. 58 percent were WoodWing customers, using either WoodWing Enterprise or Elvis DAM.


Studies such as these, I find, generally overstate the role of print, and understate digital first publishers. The reason is that many digital media ventures are start-ups and therefore not found on company databases. Those that use many of the new digital publishing platforms are new to publishing, while customers of major digital publishing platforms tend to me coming from the print side of things.

  • David Pilcher 4 years ago

    Love your site BTW. Great information.

    I would think this survey probably reached a more mature audience of publishers vs. newer digital first publishers. Stats on new print magazine launches and those that have shuttered each year from reputable circulation companies (audited) are established measurements of current print magazine success – but even they don’t account for the small niche publishers (many of whom we print for). Getting a truly accurate figure of print vs. digital would require an act of Google in my opinion. . . so it will probably happen in a couple years.

    Generally I take charts like this with plenty of salt and assume the results are meant to promote someone’s agenda. We are printers so I’m all for it.