January 29, 2014 Last Updated 9:06 am

Mag+ updates to version 5.0, releases update to Reviewer app

New version of the platform adds eMagazines Insight as new partner

The digital publishing platform Mag+ today introduced version 5.0 of the solution. The platform, developed in 2009-10 by Bonnier R&D, uses a plug-in solution for InDesign.

Along with the updated platform comes an update for the Mag+ Reviewer app, also brought up to version 5.0.


The update brings in a new partner, eMagazines Insight. The solution helps publishers track the effectiveness of their promotional efforts by adding a bit of code to the apps themselves to track links.

“What eMagazines Insight adds is the ability to track the clicks on those links, and not just the initial clicks, but the downloads and behavior after download,” Mike Haney of Mag+ said on the company’s blog. “That means you can quickly see that email 1 led to a conversion rate of X percent and an average revenue per user of Y dollars, outperforming email 2. You can test various creative in your banners and cross promotion.”

The added service requires that the publisher sign up with eMagazines and pay a monthly fee for the service.

Version 5.0 comes with a new interface for the reader app, with Mag+ says includes a more customizable storefront for document and issue management.

(Four interactive pages are dedicated to the Mag+ platform in the Guide to Digital Publishing Platforms found inside the Tablet Publishing magazine app in the Apple App Store.)

Here is Mag+’s video explaining changes found in Version 5.0:

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