January 29, 2014 Last Updated 7:49 am

Demand Media fires its display salesforce, will concentrate on programmatic

Demend Media became the latest to dump overboard its salesforce when faced with less than optimal results. The company said it will now concentrate solely on the company’s programmatic offering.

“Our audience is ideal for this type of advertising. They come to our sites when they are ready to take action, and this move will facilitate advertisers reaching them at precisely that moment,” Shawn Colo, interim CEO of Demand Media said in the company’s announcement. “We see significant opportunity to enhance our consumer experience through increased investment in content and product innovation and are actively hiring across the organization to support this strategy.”

Demand Media has not yet released its Q4 earnings yet, but in Q3 the company’s revenue were down 2 percent over the prior year, and the company reported earnings down significantly.

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