January 27, 2014 Last Updated 12:05 pm

National Journal editor, Adam Kushner, to lead new opinion venture at The Washington Post

It turns out that Ezra Klein was right to leave the Post, as the paper was about to launch a new opinion and analysis venture and already had their editor picked out – either that or they moved at record speed to launch a new digital venture (unlikely).

The Washington Post’s Executive Editor, Marty Baron, along with Editorial Page Editor Fred Hiatt and Outlook Editor Carlos Lozada, today announced that they had named Adam Kushner to be the editor of “a new digital opinion and analysis venture that promises to deliver wide-ranging commentary on the big, in-the-moment debates facing Washington, the country and the world.”

Kushner joins the Post from the National Journal, where he was executive editor. Prior to the National Journal, Kushner was senior editor at Newsweek, and before than an editor at The New Republic.

The Post announcement says that Kushner will be assembling a team of editors, and work with outside contributors. Kushner will work closely with the Outlook and Editorial page, but no mention is made of a new stand-alone digital product.

Ezra Klain’s proposal most likely involved creating a new media brand that would work with the Post, but could also be separate – like AllThingsD, for instance. Today’s announcement about the appointment of Kushner does not mention taking things in that direction. Newspapers have a bad track record of creating new brands, feeling that anything that builds traffic outside the main product is counterproductive – one reason many print media professionals have been bolting print since the early days of Internet publishing. We’ll know soon enough if the Post wants to be more adventurous.

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