January 24, 2014 Last Updated 9:01 am

Media odds and ends: app (and application) updates; Pearson issues profit warning

This morning seems filled with lots of little news items that might be best conveyed in a round-up, so here we go:

App Updates: Last Apple released updates for its iWork apps for both Mac and iOS. Adobe, too, recently issued updates for some of its Creative Cloud apps like InDesign and Photoshop (more on all these updates here).

What struck me, though, was just how fast the downloads occurred, despite the size of the files involved. I am on a pretty fast connection at my office, so downloads should be fast. But many times I am left waiting and waiting on new apps. This is why I recommend to those who have asked about a particular vendor, if they have downloaded apps being hosted provider. Not one do they get to see a sample of an app using the solution, but can test their hosting abilities, as well.

Adobe Photoshop Express, the iOS app, was updated last night, too. The update brings printing at Walgreen locations. The app description says “for iPhone users in US only” but I have to assume, since the app is universal, that this would be available for the iPad app, too, right?

Zinio-iPhone5-lgMedia Apps: Zinio has issued an updated to its iOS app which they say is “highly recommended for all uses on iOS 6 and above. It resolves new crashes and bugs.”

Bloomberg for iPad was given its iOS 7 update. The update also adds the ability to copy and then Tweet a paragraph from a story.

Earnings: It’s earnings season again with the big one, Apple, ready to report after the bell on Monday. Microsoft reported yesterday (see story here) and reported good revenue growth, though PC sales continue to drag on Windows.

Pearson this morning issued a earnings warning, never a good sign.

“Pearson faced tough market conditions throughout 2013 as cyclical, policy-related and structural pressures affected our education publishing and assessment businesses in North America and the UK, our two largest markets. We continued to achieve strong growth in emerging markets, digital learning and new service-based business models and we continue to invest behind those growth opportunities.”

The company did say, however, that the Financial Times Group “produced good profit growth” and that digital subscriptions continue to grow, “more than offsetting weak advertising sales and planned reductions in print circulation.”

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