January 22, 2014 Last Updated 11:02 am

Google’s AdSense Direct program for publishers

Program allows publishers to sell space direct and have ads appear in AdSense dedicated ad units

Google has introduced a new AdSense feature called AdSense Direct that allows website publishers to sell ad units directly to advertisers and have the workflow, delivery and billing be handled with Google’s ecosystem.

GoogleAdSense-featureWhen a publisher uses AdSense Direct they are still subject tot he same limit of three AdSense ads per page – in most cases, the directly sold ad would replace a networked ad.

For handling the ad delivery and billing Google claims a 15 percent commission on the advertising.

The way the program works is simple enough: the publisher creates an AdSense Direct campaign in Google’s system by going to the “My Ads” tab. A new campaign is created by naming the campaign, selecting the site (if there is more than one), selecting the appropriate ad unit sold (medium rectangle, for instance) and the start and end date for the campaign. The total price for the campaign is entered, then the campaign is saved and a link is sent to the advertisers. At that point the advertiser submits the creative and links, the publisher approves the campaign and that’s about it.

The advertiser is immediately charged for the campaign, though the publisher gets paid on the normal payment cycle.

There are no ad impression minimums or maximums, simply an agreed total price – though Google does give some recommendations concerning pricing.

“Our research shows that ads that are sold directly typically command a price two and half times higher than that of standard contextually-targeted ads. To calculate our recommended price we take the average daily earnings for the ad unit / site combination that you’ve selected for your campaign and multiply it by 2.5,” Google recommends.

The advantage for the publisher is that Google handles the payments; the advantage for the advertiser comes when a small publisher does not offer an campaign reporting – a report can be generated within Google Adsense.

Right now, AdSense Direct is only available in the U.S.

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