January 21, 2014 Last Updated 4:07 pm

Lex Fenwick out as CEO at Dow Jones; William Lewis, currently Chief Creative Officer, in as Interim CEO

News Corp this afternoon announced the departure of Lex Fenwick as CEO of Dow Jones & Company (pictured below). In as Interim CEO is William Lewis, currently News Corp Chief Creative Officer.

Fenwick-feature“We thank Lex for his time and energy at the helm of Dow Jones, and in particular for his original vision of DJX as an innovative way to integrate content and deliver it to customers in a timely manner,” said Robert Thomson, Chief Executive of News Corp.

“We’re reviewing the institutional strategy of Dow Jones with an eye towards changes that will deliver even more value to its customers. As part of that, we’re planning improvements to DJX,“ said Thomson. ““We will also be redoubling our efforts to develop The Wall Street Journal and its digital properties globally, which continue to serve the world’s most influential readers with the most authoritative news and analysis.”

The new Interim CEO, Lewis, was previously editor-in-chief of the Telegraph Media Group before leaving for News Corp in 2010. Before that, Lewis was business editor at The Sunday Times and Global News Editor of the Financial Times.

  • Julian Rowe 4 years ago

    The repositioning of Dow Jones was a Big Ask. News Corp were keen to replicate BLOOMBERG’s STELLA PERFORMANCE, and backed Lex Fenwick to kick start it. Fenwick thought he had the backing. Turnarounds take time. News Corp hadn’t thought it through. Fenwick perhaps should have said no to the post. It’s not the man its the organisation and culture. The two didint mix, but ultimately responsibility rests with News Corp – in disaray. Sad not to see this in the US Business press. They are capable of better forensic & insightful reporting – not allow culture to stifle creativity – a little like Dow Jones.