January 17, 2014 Last Updated 7:35 am

Starbucks releases update for its iPhone app after criticism of its lack of security

Starbucks late yesterday issued an update to its iPhone app after the company received criticism over the app’s poor security.

Starbucks-iPhone5-lgThe app, which allows users to buy drinks, food and products at its stores, stores confidential information that can be accessed if the phone is stolen. In addition to email and account details, the app stores location information.

But the whole episode ma be a bit of an over reaction following the far more egregious security problems involving Target. Yesterday it was learned that Russian hackers may have been behind the Target data hack as some of the code featured Russian language text. Over 70 million Target shoppers were effected, and millions of credit card holders have had to receive new debit and credit cards due to the incident, doing untold damage to the reputation of the retailer.

Making matters worse, is the lack of sophistication involved in the Target hack. According to Krebs on Security, a point of sale malware for Target’s Windows-based machines is all that was needed to collect consumer information, which reports say has been flooding the black market ever since.

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