January 16, 2014 Last Updated 8:55 am

Skype updates iPhone and iPad apps, adding HD video calls for the iPhone 5s

The Microsoft owned Skype has updated its iPad and iPhone apps today, adding in HD video calls for the iPhone 5s. The update brings the app up to version 4.17.

Skype-icon-smUpdates that involve a feature for one phone only are a bit rare. But since the iPhone 5s has a new chip in it one can assume that the reason HD video calling is limited to one iPhone model only is the power needed to run the HD video calls. Most apps limit usage by the version of the mobile operating system installed on the device.

The update also adds a feature where the user can receive chat messages even when the Skype app is closed through lockscreen notifications – an incredibly useful feature for Skype users.

User reviews inside the App Store have always been fairly positive, but recent reviews have complained about features and performance, things not really mentioned in this update. We’ll see if this update addresses those concerns as bug fixes are not mentioned in the app description for this update.

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