January 15, 2014 Last Updated 7:56 am

Prometheus updates tablet editions of Adweek, Billboard, THR; WaPo updates for iOS 7

Eash publisher who has launched a mobile or tablet app has their own schedule for updates. Some outsource the app work and so are at the mercy of their vendors and often judge their satisfaction with the frequency and speed in which they issue updates. Some who do the work in-house like to update often, while others think they have it right and only update infrequently. Few issue updates like Twitter: every two weeks.

Prometheus Global Media, the owner of Adweek and Billboard magazines have issued updates quite infrequently. In fact, the iPad app for Adweek, which was released in October of 2012, has never received an update. But then again, there have been few complaints about the app that uses the Adobe DPS so why the need for an update.


But both Adweek, The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard received updates this week. The updates redesign the app and make some behind the scene changes, as well.

Adweek competes with Crain’s Advertising Age, which recently announced that it would cut its frequency, as it depends more on its digital products. Both apps are native, though AdAge’s has been receiving complaints from readers about crashes. AdAge’s app is more of a news feed reader, while Adweek’s iPad edition is a redesigned version of the print magazine – illustrating the two different visions of how to produce a weekly magazine for tablets.

WaPo-iPad-front-lgThe Washington Post, too, issued an update for its The Washington Post for iPad app. The app description lists the reason for the update as iOS 7 compatibility, but the app has received five previous updates since the introduction of iOS 7, and the update issued in September lists iOS 7 as its reason.

Comparing the app before the update and afterwards one can not see any obvious changes, unlike the Prometheus app updates which dramatically change the look of the app upon launching.

The app, since its previous redesign and move into the Newsstand, has split opinions from readers. Most reviews have been very positive, but about a quarter of readers have downgraded the app, mostly due to performance issues.

Many readers are waiting to see the influence of their new owner, Jeff Bezos on both the paper and its digital products – but so far…

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