Media Apps: Scoopkit updates newspaper apps, adds iPhone support; IDC updates Macworld and PCWorld iPad editions

With iOS 7’s release almost four months in the past, most publishers and developers have issued their app updates already. Those who haven’t have until February 1 to make sure they are compliant.

As a result, the number of updates being released is slowing to a trickle. The next update for iOS devices is not expected until March, so we have entered a bit of a slow time – at least as far as app updates for iOS is concerned.

Coverly-iPad-libraryScoopkit, which seems to specialize in selling their solution to smaller newspapers and free regional magazines, has recently begun issuing major updates for its apps. The apps, such as that for the Rancho Santa Fe News are always stand-alone apps as none of its over 200 apps appear in the Newsstand.

The apps appear under the Scoopkit name and are identical replica editions. The new updates add iPhone support, as well as a redesigned reader layout and cover.

Scoopkit’s more popular app is Coverly, and is a digital newsstand app that features free magazines. iOS users may have a reputation for being more willing to pay for apps and subscriptions, but everyone likes free, right?

Macworld-cover-appIDG has issued updates for its iPad apps for Macworld and PCWorld. Both tech magazines have shuttered their print editions and gone all digital. But the move has been less that a rousing success – at least as far as their tablet editions are concerned.

Readers have been complaining about the apps since they were first released. Initially the complaint was that print subscribers could not get the iPad edition for free with their print subscription.

But more recently the reader reviews have complained about glitches with the apps themselves. So this update could not have come soon enough (and it didn’t come very quickly, I might add). This is the first update since the launch of iOS 7, making one wonder exactly how committed IDG is to their tablet editions (the first iPad apps were not released until two years after the launch of the original iPad).

Hopefully this update, with its bug fixes, will solve the glitch issues with the apps.

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