January 13, 2014 Last Updated 1:14 pm

Online shopping destination launched by the Los Angeles Times Media Group, District West

The Los Angeles Times Media Group today launched an independent online shopping website, District West. The new website acts a portal to Los Angeles neighborhood shopping, with separate entries for Culver City, Downtown, Echo Park, Greater L.A., Hollywood, Los Feliz, Malibu, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Silver Lake and Venice.

“District West makes SoCal accessible to anyone hoping to tap into its unique sensibility or buy hyper-local,” said Jennifer Collins, Vice President, Revenue Development. “A visit to District West is like finding a cool, hidden gem – full of style and panache that’s straight off of LA’s streets.”

DistrictWest-screenDistrict West is the first stand-alone e-commerce initiative launched outside of the newspaper’s main website. In fact, the website does not even mention the newspaper on the website, even in its “Who We Are” page, though the address given for District West is, in fact, the L.A. Times main address.

The site has launched with a small group of retailers such as George & Laurel of Los Felix and The YES Bar of Hollywood.

The online site has launched without, apparently, a mobile app to support it. With retailers available by location, using a smartphone’s ability to use geolocation would have seemed like a natural – though maybe app support will be coming at a later date.

In addition to listing for locations and categories of goods, the website will also feature native advertising.

Think of District West as an online special section, produced outside the newsroom and managed by the revenue side of the business.

Update: Nancy Sullivan, vice president of communications of the Los Angeles Media Group, called to say that the new website is using responsive design appropriate for mobile devices.

  • Larry Grimes 4 years ago

    But you can’t order anything. There’s plenty of merchandise offered by each reatiler, but when you click on the merchandise it takes you back to the listing. If this tool is going to be really powerful and provide a strong ROPI to advertisers, the consumer needs to be able to do one-stop shopping. Not just look at some pretty pictures.

    • Jennifer Collins 4 years ago

      Hi there: We want make sure that District West is working smoothly and we are providing the best possible customer experience. To that end, we want to understand the issue you described in your comment. Are you describing the following: When you click to a merchant’s page, such as this one, http://www.districtwest.com/stores/copperpeace/ then click on an item, such as this one, http://www.districtwest.com/product/homerun-guitar-strap-brown/ you then go back to the previous URL? Again, please let us know if we’re understanding your comment correctly, or if you are discussing a different issue. Thank you for your feedback.