January 10, 2014 Last Updated 11:20 am

New digital-only photography magazine offers readers an Apple Newsstand app, as well as Mac and Windows apps

PHOTOgraphia deals with the lack of a Newsstand inside the Romanian App Store by offering other ways to buy and read their new digital magazine

The tablet magazine will be hard to kill off, even as many U.S. and other international publishers begin to get frustrated with Apple and other digital newsstand owners. The fact is that more and more tablets are being sold worldwide, and many publishers have created so many beautiful, innovative tablet editions that they are inspiring other publishers to create their own. I would go so far as to say that many publishers believe in the tablet platform far more than the tablet builders do, who seem to only see digital magazines as yet another tool to sell more devices.

Photo-ro-scrollOK, I’ll get off my soap box now and talk about the latest in the increasingly long line of native tablet-only magazines that has launched.

PHOTOgraphia comes from outside Braşov, Romania, and it has launched its first tablet-only issue into the Apple Newsstand. But it has also launched their magazine as an app for Macs and Windows PCs, as well (using Adobe Air). It’s an interesting twist on the usual approach, and when I saw this I wanted to stand on my chair and scream YES, YES! (What stopped me is an old chair, a bad back, and a desire to see the weekend still alive.)

The tablet edition is fairly convention, though native, in design. Unlike many other photography magazines, PHOTOgraphia is designed in portrait. One can read the digital magazine in landscape, but the pages are then oversized. But the addition of landscape is important, of course, when viewing the photographs.

Design-wise, the inspiration is still print. But the ability to view photographs in landscape, in the crispness one gets on a retina display tablet, makes all the difference in the world.

Photo-ro-landscapeLike all new tablet magazines, PHOTOgraphia will have to deal with the discoverability issue. This is where having a professional looking website already launched will help, along with providing potential readers with the opportunity to download an app for their PC rather than fight Apple’s iTunes team inside the Newsstand.

Actually, you won’t find this new digital magazine in the Newsstand, at least not in Romania.

It turns out that there is no Romanian Newsstand inside the Apple App Store. Because of this, the app has to reside with Book apps inside the Romanian App Store, but appears in the Newsstand in other stores. No wonder the idea of launching the digital magazine as a Mac and Windows app made so much sense.

The app will be charging an annual subscription fee, as well as offering individual issues for free. But for now one can Preview the new digital magazine from with the app. But maybe the best way to approach this would be to visit the website instead, where one can download the Mac or Windows app.

  • Mihai Moiceanu 4 years ago

    Thanks Hebbard for your review. I appreciate it as we are at the beginning, even we (the team that develop PHOTOgraphia) are not so “greenhorn” on the photography publishing field 🙂