January 9, 2014 Last Updated 3:52 pm

Kobo Books app for iPhone and iPad gets its iOS 7 update

The digital book reading app for Kobo, Kobo Books, has gotten its iOS 7 update. The update brings the app up to version 7.0.

screen480x480Besides the obligatory design changes for iOS 7 (pastels, pastels, pastels), the update also redesigns the library, brings in a new navigation menu, and unifies the navigation between both the iPhone and iPad version.

The Toronto-based Kobo is owned by the Japanese eCommerce company Rakuten and remains the smaller of the digital bookstores and newsstands. But the company continues to plug away and currently has over 4 million titles.

It is interesting that the Wikipedia page for Kobo does not mention Borders, the book retailer that had a relationship with Kobo for a while, then went out of business. Many people still associate Kobo with Borders, though Kobo existed both before and now after its ties with Borders.

In October of 2012 Kobo acquired Aquafadas, the French digital publishing company.

Kobo has been expanding its presence in Europe, recently announcing deals with several top French retails (Pixmania, Cora, Casino, Auchan, and Boulanger) to sell their E Ink eReaders. In December Kobo was able to announce that many top magazines had been added to their digital newsstand such as TIME, Maclean’s and Food & Wine.