January 8, 2014 Last Updated 1:51 pm

NYTimes for iPad updated

The New York Times today issued an update to its iPad edition, NYTimes for iPad. The update comes on the same day the newspaper officially launched its website redesign (see here).

NYT-iPad-update-0114The update adds an option for readers to view articles in a continuous scroll or in a paginated view. The user can change the view in the app’s Settings.

(To be honest, there is very little difference between the two views. A better option would have been to have the pages swipeable, though this would have interfered with the app’s navigation from one article to the next.)

The app update also fixes some bugs associated with readers sometimes losing their saved articles, and one prevents the app from updating.

Those who are seeing the app edition for the first time will recognize that the app edition looks a lot like the new website redesign, though the fixed boxes of the iPad edition, a leftover from the original app design, restricts the flow of the app and leads to an excess of white space in the app.

The iPad edition still cost far more than the iPhone app: $19.99 per month for website and iPad edition access.

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