December 26, 2013 Last Updated 8:39 am

Amazon touts holiday sales, but is typically light on specifics concerning tablet sales

The online retailer Amazon did some crowing this morning, issuing a series of press releases that bragged about its holiday sales season. But as it typical for the retailer, Amazon was not specific concerning the number of Kindle tablets actually sold, simply stating that Cyber Monday holiday weekend shopping was the “best ever.”

Amazon said that more than “one million customers around the world became new Prime members in the third week of December” and that this holiday season would the best ever for the company with “more than 36.8 million items ordered worldwide on Cyber Monday, which is a record-breaking 426 items per second.”

feature-mayday-lgIn a separate release, Amazon said that the average response time for those customer utilizing its Mayday button, found on Kindle Fire HDX tablets, was 9 seconds. Amazon said its goal was to respond to customers in 15 seconds or less.

“We set a goal for ourselves to have a response time of 15 seconds or less when a customer tapped the Mayday button—we’re proud to say that on Christmas Day we met this goal, with an average response time of just 9 seconds,” Dave Limp, Vice President, Amazon Kindle, is quoted in the release. “We’re excited that millions of customers opened a Kindle Fire tablet this holiday season, and we’re glad so many customers tried out the Mayday button.”

The Mayday feature has been the source of a bit of humor and Amazon’s release included a couple examples of the ways one might play around with the button or accidentally hit it:

  • A young girl got a Kindle Fire HDX for Christmas. She was playing around with it and accidentally tapped the Mayday button—when she saw the Tech Advisor, she just screamed “MOOOOOOMMM!”, not having expected a person to pop up on the screen. Her parents could be heard laughing in the background.
  • A group of carolers called in and sang to the team—they wanted to thank the Tech Advisors for their work and spread some holiday cheer.

Though Amazon hates to quote the number of tablets sold, it did provide some interesting statistics concerning its holiday shopping period.

For instance, more than half of customers shopped using a mobile device this year (one assumes this means both smartphones and tablets); Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles were especially popular, with more than a thousands units sold per minute; Samsung TVs led all categories; Samsung Chromebook, ASUS Transformer Book and Acer Chromebooks were the laptop of choice; Amazon shoppers appear to have a taste for right-wing books as “Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics” by Charles Krauthammer and “Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans” by Rush Limbaugh were two of the three most popular books sold; while “Sycamore Row” by John Grisham, “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak, and “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt were the most popular Kindle editions.

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