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Elliott Landy launches Kickstarter campaign to fund photography book of The Band

Landy shot over 8,000 frames of film of The Band – of these, only about 30 have been widely published

Press Release:

Woodstock, NY – December 18, 2013 –– In the world of Rock n’ Roll photographers, there are few whose work with The Band and Bob Dylan, among others, is as extraordinary as Elliott Landy’s. Brought into the fold of The Band during the recording of their first 2 records, Landy shot over 8,000 frames of film of The Band. Of these, only about 30 have been widely published. The photos, which evoke so many memories, have been in his studio, protected and cherished, for over forty years. All these years later, Landy still feels this is his best body of work from this period.

TheBand-Landy-lgWith such an incredible portfolio and known for his unique, artistic style, Landy has decided to bring these powerful photographic images together and publish a book.

As much as The Band defines a huge piece of music’s history, the Internet is the answer for making things happen today. Using Kickstarter, and sourcing crowd support, Landy will turn a selection of the best and his favorites from the thousands of images he took of The Band, into a finely printed book. Fans of The Band, the Woodstock era, and photography professionals and buffs alike will be able to relive the experiences Landy had while photographing and hanging out with a group of musicians that changed music history.

The stunning collection of photographs of Garth Hudson, Levon Helm, Richard Manuel, Rick Danko and Robbie Robertson, will show their camaraderie, their love of life and music. It will visually define whom they were for the generations to come – brothers creating two of the greatest albums in the history of music. You will witness this through the eyes of the only photographer they allowed into their band, and their lives.

“I took the photos for their first two albums, Music From Big Pink and The Band. During that period I was the only photographer they let take pictures of them. They treated me like a friend and allowed me the freedom to hang out and take whatever pictures I wanted”, says Landy of working with The Band.
The Kickstarter campaign began Saturday, December 14th and will go through Tuesday, January 28th. In the first three days it raised nearly half of the goal. See what Vanity Fair has to say about the project.

The book will be available in two hardcover versions: A Regular Edition and a Deluxe Limited Edition. Deluxe Limited Edition copies will come in a slipcase, signed and numbered and will also include an 8×10 print of “The Band with Hamlet” (image on campaign website). This image will only be printed in this size for this Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition will be limited to a maximum of 500 copies. Both of these versions will be from the first edition printing of the book, which will be printed on heavyweight, fine art paper. The project is being personally supervised by Landy.

Please visit here to learn more about the Kickstarter campaign.

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